’‎‘Zal And The Phoenix For Adolescents Translated Into English

The story ‘Zal and the Phoenix’ from the Persian masterpiece epic ‘Shahnameh’ by Ferdowsi has been adapted for a young adults book and translated into English. According to correspondent quoting from the public relations office of Iran’s Center for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (ICDCYA) the mythical fable has been adopted in a book for young adults with a simple and eloquent prose by Mustafa Rahmandust. The book has been translated into English by Siamak Mazloumi and illustrated by Monly Manuchehri. The original story comes from the versified masterpiece epic ‘Shahnameh’ by the legendary Iranian poet AbulQasem Ferdowsi. Zal, the son of the Iranian hero Sam is born with white hairs and although he is a beautiful baby, Zal’s father is unpleased with his appearance and abandons him to evade the other people’s blame. Zal is sent away to Alborz Mountain which has the highest geographic peak in Iran. The baby is found by the Phoenix (Simorgh) who takes care of him. Zal grows to be a hero and king. ‘Zal and the Phoenix’ has been published in 36 color pages with hardcover by Iran’s Center for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults.

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