Winner of Goethe Institute Keen in Translating World’s Modern Literature

The new books and transla- tions of Mahmoud Hossei- nizad, the Iranian author and translator, are published. He, the winner of Goethe Insti- tute, is keen on translating the world’s modern literature.Mahmoud Hosseinizad said that his new story collection, for which he hasn’t chosen a name, yet, will be released by Zavosh Publications.The collection will hold two sections entitled murders and uncertainty and ambiguity.
The first section is about mur- ders; only a few take place in Tehran while the rest are in uncertain locations. The part of uncertainty and ambiguity is about the am- biguities which occur in daily lives.Talking about the number of stories, he added, ”The book accommodates 2 reports and 8 stories.”Hosseinizad has also finished translating the book titled Mr. Adamson by Urs Widmer that will be released by Zavosh recently.The fictional book narrates the story of a young man who encounters death. Although the half fantasy, half fictional book holds bitter moments, it still makes the reader laugh sometimes.Talking about whether his books be influenced by the translation he said, “In the first place, the translation doesn’t influence my ideas and writings, but it indeed has an effect on my language.
I have translated the world’s modern literature during these years which has certainly touched my writings.”He added that his translation of Alice by Judith Hermann has been reprinted recently.Hosseinizad was selected as one of the three winners of the Goethe Medal this year for his outstanding contributions to promote German literature in Iran.The Goethe Institute honors 3 non-Germans with Goethe Medals annually, for their praiseworthy contributions.Hosseinizad was described as one of the most remarkable translator in translating con- temporary German literature into Persian in the website of the Goethe Institute.Since 2000, Hosseinizad translated several books by Ger- man authors such as Judith Hermann, lingo Schulze, Uwe Timm, Peter Stamm and Julia Franck into Persian.The Goethe Institute is a nonprofit German cultural association operating worldwide to promote the study of the German language abroad, and encourage international cultural exchange and relations.

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