We Are Responsible To Preserve Persian Language

Persian literature Professor Mohammad-Reza Sahfiei Kadkani believes inheriting Persian language and literature a divine gift granted to Iranians and neighboring countries insisting that Persian language teachers are responsible to preserve this language According to correspondent, quoting from the public relations office of Sa`di Foundation, Afghan university professors, who were hosted by this foundation to complete their studies in Persian language, met eminent Iranian Professor and poet Shafiei Kadkani at the Academy of Language and Literature of Tehran University.
In this warm meeting, Shafiei Kadkani welcomed and greeted the guests at Sa`di Foundation and spoke of Persian language speakers as a shared cultural unit belonging to the same family. He said: “People who have lived with Dari Persian poetry along the course of history are like streams that join the Persian language to emerge in the glorious river of Persian poetry which has always served as a link to bring these people close together.”
“I believe the children of Sanaei, Molana, Ferdowsi, Sa’di, Hafez, Nezami and Khayyam definitely inherit the ingenuity of their ancestors, and we are looking forward to the emergence of excellent and great poets and writers in the field of Persian language in future,” the scholar added. Elsewhere in his remarks while wishing success for the guests of Sa’di Foundation, this distinguished professor stated: “As teachers of Persian language and literature, we are all responsible to safeguard this culture and literature and should support whatever means that helps to improve it and be critical of all that ruins or depresses it.”

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