The World might Open its Arms to Iranian Books

Again, October brought the Frankfurt Book Fair with itself, a valuable opportunity for cultural-economic exchanges with an emphasis on books in an arena as extended as the Earth.

How beautiful is this great community of actives in the field of books in a friendly and modern atmosphere! It is an atmosphere the pleasant scent of its memories makes your spirit happily fresh and multiplies your motivation for international activities.
In the magazine of ‘Printed in IRAN’, my colleagues and I prepared a particular plan and presented you various articles and information to have an influential participation in this matchless occasion and to introduce the capabilities, facilities, and potentialities of the publishing industry of the culture-cherishing country of Iran that from old times up to now have been the cradle of thoughts and scholars, sciences and scientists.
In this issue, we interviewed Juergen Boos, the administrator of the Frankfurt Book Fair that had interesting points about the presence of Iran in the fair while presenting some suggestions for interacting with Iranian publishers.
Besides, Dr. Seyed Abbas Salehi, the head of the Tehran International Book Fair, gave us useful information about the Frankfurt Book Fair which has the most number of addresses worldwide.
Dr. Shahramniya, the head of Iran’s stall at the Fair, explained to us about the supporting program of the translation of Iranian works into different languages.
I recommend you to have a look at all pages of this issue of our magazine at the right time and to take this opportunity as soon as possible to communicate with Iranian publishers and cultural institutions regardless of your activity field. As you know, today Iran is at the center of the entire world’s attention and now it is the time that the world opens its arms to Iranian works and productions.

I wish you a profitable and successful Fair,

See you in May 2024 in Tehran!

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