The traveling Iranian classic poet seeking the truth

In his extensive travels, the prominent Iranian poet and philosopher Naser Khosrow were neither in pursuit of wealth nor did he seek to gain knowledge; nothing was more important to him than finding the truth.

Abu Moin Naser Ibn Khosrow Bin Harith Qobadiani Balkhi, better known as Naser Khosrow (1004-1088 AD) was born in the village of Qobadian. Philosophy, astronomy, cosmology, medicine, mineralogy, Euclidean geometry, music, theology, art, rhetoric, and literature were among the sciences and arts he took advantage of.
Different incentives have encouraged people to leave their homes and travel to distant places throughout history, including going on pilgrimage to Mecca and visiting religious sites, ge ng in the centers of knowledge for learning, meeting the great mystics, and visiting the wonders of the world as well as some other factors like ge ng acquainted with the thoughts and beliefs of other peoples and nations, various government missions, escaping the threats and circumstances and inappropriate location.
Meanwhile, travelers with insight wrote their views for their contemporaries and future generations. Naser Khosrow’s travelogue, the first one existing in the Persian language, is one of these valuable historical documents.

What is interesting about Naser Khosrow’s travelogue is the driving force of his trip. He was not seeking money, nor did he want to acquire knowledge. All he looked for was the truths of existence that were so important to him that he turned his back on all material possessions and took the trouble of seeking foot on a long and adventurous journey and enduring the hardships and disasters of the way.

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