The Promised Mahdi Cultural Foundation May God hasten his reappearance

To believe in an End of Time savior who promises a happy ending to the fate of the world and the termination of all oppression, depression, darkness and despair is a definite teaching of all Abrahamic Religions. The Shia school is proud to be, relying on numerous narration and conceptual valid sources, the promoter of this belief in the context of Mahdism; a belief that maintains hope in the hearts and keeps the flame of peace and justice from going out and awaits the ray of light that shall obliterate the accumulated darkness of generations from the lives of men and from the earth. This teaching has not gone unnoticed by the enemies of justice and freedom.
On one side are those who oppose religion and are against celestial justice, while on the other there are inland deviants as well as shallow and misled people. Both parties have atempted to weaken this divine belief by instilling doubts and superstitions. It was therefore necessary that the Islamic Seminary, being in charge of this vital matter, take more serious steps in education and research in the field of Mahdism by supporting, supervising and contributing to centers active in this field and thereafter presenting and promoting it within the Islamic Republic and worldwide. The Cultural Foundation of Imam Mahdi was established at the suggestion and with the efforts of Mohsen Ghera’ati and the cooperation of several Iranian scholarly and academic characters. In 2001 and after acquiring a permit from the High Council of the Islamic Seminary in Qum, the Promised Mahdi Cultural Foundation founded the Specialized Mahdism Centre in this holy city of Qom, aiming to spread and expand the Mahdism culture throughout the society (the young and learned generation in particular) and train scholars, missionaries and professors.

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