The latest Iranian books released by Baobab Books are:

‘The Big Snowman’ (Der große Schneemann) Shodjaie, Seyyed Ali (Author) / Taher iyan, Elahe(Illustration) A picture book from Iran released as bilingual German– Farsi. Translated from Farsi by Nazli Hodaie; Baobab Books, 2013; 2nd edition 2016 Synopsis: A curious story takes place in a village. The village children are very happy to create the biggest snowman they can imagine from the first snow to fall in the winter. They clothe him with a hat and scarf.
But the snowman has hardly been completed when he changes his face. He isn’t grateful to the villagers for creating him, but rather demands guards and ice cubes, for he doesn’t want to melt. Is one allowed to say no to such a request? ‘A Big Friend’ (Ein grofer Freund) Babak Saberi (Author)/Mehrdad Zaeri (Illustration) Translated from Farsi by Nazli Hodaie; Baobab Books, 2015; 2nd edition 2016 Synopsis: One day the young crow flies back to her nest: “I’ve finally found a friend!” she tells her mother excitedly, “Look, he is just standing outside.” But what does her mother see? She looks right into … the trunk of an elephant! “Didn’t I tell you to look for a friend of the same size so that you can play together?”

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