The late Professor Parizi to be commemorated in Tehran

A commemoration ceremony for the late Iranian prominent historian and author professor Mohammad Ibrahim Basta i Parizi will be held in Arasbaran Culture House in Tehran o Friday, April 10.Several cultural and scientific figures are to attend this progra which is titled “Mountains Are Together” (after the name of one of Prof. Parizi’s books) among they are Mansooreh Etehadie , Hassan Bastani Raad, Mansoor Sefat-Gol and Karim Faizi wi l deliver lectures on the maestro Parizi and his scholarly status. Furthermore, an Iranian music piece will be performed and a documentary on the life of Maestro Parizi will be screened.A professor of Tehran University, Parizi (1924-2014) has more than 80 books in his career on a variety of issues such as literature, history, and music; some of them are as follows: ‘From Pariz to Paris’, Hasht al-Haft’, ‘Kourosh (Cyrus) the Great , ‘Hasht al-Haft’, ‘The Geography of Kerman’ Lady of Haft Qal’e ’, ‘Under these Seven Skys”, ‘ The Politics and Economy of Ira in Safavid Era’, ‘For the Sake of Freedom’, ‘My Teachers’ an Mountains Are Together’.


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