The International Persian Gulf Culture and Art Festival

Introducing the Persian Gulf as the cradle of peace and friendship in the region Homayoon Amirzadeh, secretary of the International Persian Gulf Festival, stated that the goal of this festival is to bolster and safeguard the national and international identity of the Persian Gulf. He further indicated that the other goals of the festival include, but are not limited to, introducing the Persian Gulf as the cradle of peace and friendship in the region, strengthening the cultural dialogue between the Islamic Republic of Iran and her neighboring countries as well as the rest of the world, gaining knowledge of and honoring the makers of various magnificent works of culture, arts, literature, science, history and research and lastly helping with the production and mass distribution of these works accomplished in the Persian Gulf region.

Amirzadeh also noted that in the recent years, some colonial powers on the verge of collapsing have made unsupported claims to the Persian Gulf and have tried to forge an alien name for it. This action on their part has only resulted to more conflicts in the region; it is exactly for this reason that we should make the effort to safeguard the name of the Persian Gulf through such cultural events.
Iran named April 30th as the National Persian Gulf Day in order to underline the fact that historians have referred to the waterway as “Persian” in ancient texts since the beginning of the reign of the Achaemenid Empire in what is modern day Iran. This day marks the anniversary of the evacuation of Portuguese military forces from the Strait of Hormuz in 1622. Several cultural, arts, literary and scientific events are scheduled to be held in Iran and other countries as part of an international festival to introduce the identity of the Persian Gulf to the world. Homayoun Amirzadeh, Head of Permanent Secretariat of International Persian Gulf Festival, specified that these cultural events with the aim of safeguarding the identity of the Persian Gulf are planned to be held in 20 different countries concurrent with the National Persian Gulf Day in Iran.

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