The Current Situation of Iranian Fiction in the Global Market

Mahmoud Amoozgar

Beyond a shadow of doubt, today’s concept of publication was born out of printing press invention and the possibility of mass printing of the bulk of the books, so a new craft called publishing started on its way. In order to determine the rights, limits and duties of involved parties, formulating of intellectual property rights was mandated and the author’s rights included in the Civil Lawand the Copyright Lawset the limitsand framework of the authors and publishers and other stakeholders’ rights. The potential of mass publication of books played a major role in the development and promotion of the science and art in the middle ages.Of course, this technological feasibility was faced with several obstacles, such as censorship in many European countries that forced many publishers from other countries to go to the Republic of Venice which granted more freedom. In such a way that in the sixteenth century, more than 200 publishers and publishing institutions who were mostly citizens of other countries began publishing books in the Republic of Venice. The coexistence and cooperation of publishers of various nationalities in the Republic of Venice,helped publishers to get familiar with the literature of other nations and paved the way for vast and professional translations and thus, the books quickly became an international commodity and entered the global market to be exchanged. At the same time, with the increasing atention to author’s rights and copyright,exchange and trade on copyright-related rights started and the book fairs paved the way for introducing the publishers’ new works and promoted them and as a result, helped to transfer the royalties originating from the rights of the works.Today, undoubtedly, a significant portion of publishers’income is realized through the transfer of authors’rights and for this reason,essentially the international book fairs are no longer a place for trading physical books but rather a place for transfer of rights contracts and sometimes, for wholesales to other major partners such as publishers and book sellers and distributors. The Frankfurt International Book Fair, with its long history and impressive activity that has made it a major book exhibition in the world, doubles as a meeting place of special importance for professional publishing agents from the remotest parts of the world to conclude the transfer of rights contracts. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially with the adoption of the decision to hold the Tehran International Book Fair, the Frankfurt Exhibition and its atendance have grown increasingly. But unfortunately, the annual atendance of the public sector and the intermitent presence of private sector publishers have not brought about any achievements for our country. In the meantime, there are several reasons for the failure to open the doors of the publication market, and the most important issues are as follows: 1-It is said that the Iranian population has been among the first storyteller nations of the world. In a way that even the religious books have been writen based on story and fable. At present, a lot of young writers in the country are writing fiction and indeed in some cases, atractive and exciting stories are released to the public which are welcomed as well. An exhibition like Frankfurt Fair is a good place to benchmark our assets in the field of story writing. Establishment of a common language with the audience in order to create a popular work still manifests itself as the first required action for participation in the world market.It is a beneficial experience that our cinema has already taken advantage of it.Our filmmakers have created works that simultaneously atract the atention of the general audienceand aƩract a specific audience as well, and have created their fan base outside the country borders. 2-Failure to respect the rights of the author in the international arena is one of the most important obstaclestothe presence of our publicationsin the global market and continues to play its role.Presence in any market requires meeting the rules of that market. The Tehran Union of Publishers &Book Sellers will atend the Frankfurt Fair for the third year on behalf of the authors and publishers that do not directly find the opportunity to present their works in the exhibition. The purpose of this partnership, besides stressing the importance of presence in global markets to domestic partners, is demonstrating the capabilities and abilities of our country’s publications to our international partners. Using standard practices and global customary and conventional information furnishing techniques, together with the announcement of respecting the international author’s rights by encouraging domestic partners to obtain the authorizations from the owners of rights and meetings and negotiations based on the detection of the target market and ultimately, creating a link between domestic and international publishers in order to establish bilater al cooperation in the mentioned fields, are included in the agenda of Tehran Union of Publishers and Book Sellers.

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