Tehran Publishers & Booksellers Association at glance

Tehran Publishers and Booksellers’ Association was founded in 1958 under Trade Unions Act, although it had root in the periodical meetings and assemblies held several years ago by the publishers. According to its articles of association, the Association was established to protect the rights of the members of the Association, facilitate and enhance cooperation between the members, improve their business and the services provided for the welfare of the consumers, and facilitate the relations of the members with the public and private organizations and other associations. According to the Act, the membership of all natural persons and legal entities involved in publishing or bookselling business in the Association is permited. At present, after a longterm activity of the Association, it has more than 1200 members. Therefore, it can be regarded as the largest Association among the other existing publishing trade unions of Iran. As most publishers have their own bookshop along with their publishing activities, the publishers and booksellers have established a common association for two related business. Iran has a large and young population and it has been accompanied with its geographical vastness. Therefore, the publishing activities has been scatered based on the subject and nature of the published books, and other associations and trade unions have been established in the different provinces of Iran to protect the various publishers involved in the publication of educational, academic, children’s books. However, Tehran Publishers and Booksellers’ Association has did its best in the recent years to act as an interface for the consensus between the related trade unions and direct them in a unified manner for the protection of the rights and interests of those, who are involved in the publishing industry in Iran. The Managerial Structure of the Association According to the Trade Unions Act of Iran, Tehran Publishers and Booksellers’ Association that has more than 1000 members has to be administered by a board of directors consisting of seven members. The board shall hold weekly meetings, and its resolutions on the agenda of publishing trade union are to be executed accordingly. The directors of the board are appointed by election held as per predetermined rules and regulations once four year from the members of the Association. According to the Act and considering the terms of reference of the Association, the main part of the activities and policies of the Association are met through the consulting and executive commissions of the Association. In addition to the commissions prescribed by the law, other commissions with definite terms of reference have been held for the purpose of the publishing trade union. In the following, these commissions have been introduced in brief. 1- Commission for Hearing Cases and Legal Workgroup This commission has two functions: First, hearing the cases brought by the clients and customers, supervising the good performance of the works, and observing business rules and regulations by the members of the Association; second, the review, investigation, and provision of the legal and judicial solutions for protecting the rights and interests of the members of the Association.

2- Setlement of Disputes Commission This commission is responsible to setle the disputes between the members of the Association, of between the members of this Association and the members of the other trade unions and Associations. 3- Inspection Commission This commission inspects the activities of the enterprises covered by the Association. 4- Technical Commission This commission is responsible for the assessment of technical and specialized qualifications of the members of the Association, taking technical qualification tests from the applicants of membership in the Association in coordination of the competent organizations, and inspecting the observation of the business rules and regulations by the members. 5- Training Commission The training commission is responsible to pave the way for the scientific level of the members of the Association by holding training and practical courses independently or by assistance of the public or private organizations. The training commission of Tehran Publishers and Booksellers’ Associations has assisted Frankfurt Book Fair several times in holding special training workshops. 6- International Commission This commission is responsible to study and pave the way for introducing the publishing industry of Iran in the international arena and cooperation with international publishing organizations including famous international exhibitions, and the trade unions of other countries. 7- Electronic Publishers Guild The significant development of digital publishing industry and increase in the number of the publishers, who are interested in digital publication, Tehran Publishers and Booksellers’ Association has established a completely separated section titled Electronic Publisher’s Guild was established, and its responsibility is to protect the rights and interests of these publishers. 8- Publishing Industry Journal For the professional broadcast of news and receiving the technical and scientific opinions of experts about publishing industry, a professional journal titled Publishing Industry Journal (Majaleh Sana’at-e Nashr), which is published in a quarterly manner is published by the Association, and sent to the members. In special cultural occasions, special issues are published too. 9- Other Activities In addition to the above-mentioned activities, special workgroups with managerial approaches are held by consensus for special occasions or activities. A successful example is the annual meeting atended by those involved in publishing industry and the authorities of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guide held in the Bo ok Week of Iran.

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