Synthetic Paper It is printed products creators’ right that their product is durable

If you are concerned about production costs and environmental pollution in producing numerous paper products, which get worn over time and require reproduction, use various products of Plastpaper, because with common properties of paper and plastic, it has benefits such as: – It is made of derivatives of petroleum and petrochemical raw materials, which do not damage to trees and the environment. – This paper is made of Polypropylene and is recyclable and reusable in different methods. – The final product of synthetic paper is quite similar to paper and has properties of paper such as printability and aŌer-printing operations. – While burning, only carbon dioxide is released and gases such as sulfur, Chlorine and nitrogen are not produced. – In humid or wet environments, this product is more durable than laminate cards, but has a lower cost of production. – It is a resistant product which water, moisture, freezing and heavy use do not damage to it. – With pen, pencil and CD-specific markers, you can write easily on this synthetic paper. – Technological lead synthetic papers exist only in a few countries such as Japan, U.S England … and today Iran is proud of producing plastpaper. Plastpaper is useful in any case involving: 1. Printing and publishing (printing various types of valuable books, references and children books, instructional book covers, the book of marks, …) 2. Office and business supplies (types of volume, folder, awards, quality certificates, pocket covers for plane tickets and money, tags, tags for loads in travel and airline industry, items label, barcodes,…) 3. Advertisements and marketing (producing various types of brochure, catalog, poster, advertisement , wall and desktop calendars, shopping bag, advertisements in commercial places and hotels, …) 4.

Map and information (producing various maps with tearing no folded parts such as: variety of geographical and tourist maps, topographic maps with the ability to form ups and downs , brochures about tourist, historical and religious sites, subway lines map, buses,…) 5. Packaging industries (waterproof boxes for packaging food materials, packaging healthcare products and detergents, educational and cultural packages, clothes cover…) 6. Cards (visit cards, eCards, identity cards, vehicle cards, insurance card, game cards, …) 7. Labels (the type of Palstpaper is useful for advertising stuffs whose packaging is associated with humidity or chemical materials: types of detergents, dairy products, frozen products…) 8. Industries (cards, technical and safety pendants in industrial centers, blood group identification cards, diseases,…) 9. Home and work decoration (producing various types of vertical and horizontal curtains with specific design and printing to 180 cm width, fantasy shades,…) 10. We produce any product that you desire. Synthetic Paper It is printed products creators’ right that their product is durable Managing director and Chairman: Masoud Raoufi Telephone: +98 21 33 96 43 04 +98 21 88 54 10 92 Fax: +98 21 88 54 19 07 Cell phone: +98 912 207 84 57

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