Shahnameh, Iranian Identity’ Meeting held at Moscow Book Fair

The meeting “Shahnameh, the Iranian Identity” was held in Iran’s stand at the 28th Moscow Book Fair, in the presence of the prominent Persian literature professor Mir Jalaleddin Kazzazi. Deputy Director of Tehran’s Book City Institute Ali Asghar Mohammad-Khani, made a speech at this meeting and said that Shahnameh is still important to us and that 246 books on Shahnameh as well as this book itself have been published in Iran with different corrections in the past year.”
“Shahnameh has been translated into many languages, and nearly 20 translations of it are into English language,” he said. The cultural deputy of the Book City Institute added that Moscow has deep ties with Shahnameh, and the late Abolqassem Lahouti did great things for Shahnameh in Moscow. In this event, Mir Jalaleddin Kazzazi said that hearing and talking about Shahnameh is like hearing and talking about Iran. Kazzazi further added: “It was a great pleasure for me to come to Moscow and visit Ms. Lahouti. She is an educated lady and since Lahouti himself is from Kermanshah as I am, we are fellow citizens.” This Shahnameh expert said that Shahnameh is the greatest epic of the world. It embraces the destiny of Iranian people and is the reflection of Iranian culture and character. In fact, Ferdowsi himself is no less in value than Shahnameh as he is the symbol of Iranians and is indeed one of the noblest one.


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