The expansion and development of the noble human-Islamic Mahboob Shahbazi concepts: Forgiveness, Sacrifice, Altruism and Peace In the world of publishing, Shahed Publications officially started its work with the compilation and publication of books on subjects such as devotion, sacrifice, and forgiveness, and the history of Islamic Revolution and imposed Iraq war against Iran. This publishing house has so far published nearly 1450 titles. Some of the books have been popular among the audience and have been reissued several times. Also, other publishers have participated and supported the printing of books by Shahed Publications. Books published by Shahed Publications are categorized in below: • First edition: 966 • Reprints: 384 • Participation & support: 47 • Translation: 47 • Total: 1444 Subjects and udience Works published by Shahed Publications oŌen address the field of literature and human-Islamic values, and target the children, adolescents, and young adults age groups. They are provided in the form of documentary, documentary research, biography, memoirs, tributes, fiction, life story, novel, research, and poetry. Translations into other languages Shahed Publications, to develop and expand cherished human-Islamic concepts such as forgiveness, sacrifice, altruism and peace around the world, has recently focused on translation and publication of books in a variety of languages. The effective presence in Tehran International Book Fair in the past years, has paved the way for pursuing the aforementioned targets and with the participation of the publishing institutions abroad, 47 titles published by this publications have been translated into foreign languages and supplied to the destination countries so far. Honors achieved by Shahed Publications Shahed Publications, during the years of its activity has been able to achieve honorable standing at national and international levels thanks to its higher quality and quantity of works, focusing on technical principles and book layouts, as well as activities in the field of translation.A total of 125 titles published by this publication have been nominated or praised in various domestic festivals. Shahed Publications has been awarded the title of exemplary or premium publisher among the Iranian culture publishers (in the field of war and the resistance literature), for almost a decade.

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