Second Edition Of «My Uncle Napoleon» In French Published

The French translation of masterpiece Persian satiric novel ‘My Uncle Napoleon’ by Iraj Pezeshkzad has been reprinted According to correspondent, the novel often regarded as «the most important and well-loved work of Iranian fiction since World War II», has been translated into French by Sorour Kasmaei and published by Actes Sud Publishing House in France, first in 2011. ‘My Uncle Napoleon’ is a coming of age novel published in Tehran in Persian in 1973. In his novel,Iraj Pezeshkzad represents the Iranian society of the 1940s. The garden in which the story takes place, «in more ways than one becomes a microcosm of modern Iranian society».The work, at its core a love story, unfolds around the young narrator› love for his cousin Layli, a love which is constantly jeopardized by an army of family members and the mayhem of their intrigues and machinations. In 1976, director Nasser Taghvai turned the novel into a legendary mini television series, compiling the story in 18 episodes. The series was a huge success both with the audience and the critics.Actes Sud is based in Arles. It was founded in 1978 by author Hubert Nyssen. The novel has entirely been translated into 15 languages including English (by Dick Davis).

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