Scholar Awarded French Palmes Académiques

Iranian scholar of Arab literature Azartash Azarnoush is awarded the prestigious Ordre des Palmes académiques (Order of Academic Palms), Grade Chevalier from French government for his academic activities and translations In an interview with IBNA, director of Arab literature department at Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia said that the Ordre des Palmes académiques is granted to those who have taken concrete measures to introduce French culture, language and literature in their own countries. “Apart from my PhD thesis, I have not written any book in French, but I have translated three books on the history of Arab literature from French to Persian,” the university professor said. “Almost 6 months ago, I received a letter and was informed about the prize. Three weeks ago at a ceremony held in French Embassy in Tehran, I was awarded Ordre des Palmes académiques,” Azarnoush added. Elsewhere in his remarks, the scholar said: “Unlike those awards which focus on artistic activities, Ordre des Palmes académiques, Grade Chevalier given by French embassies throughout the world is focused mostly on the cultural aspect of such activities. Born in 1937 in the religious city of Qom in central Iran, Azarnoush has two PhD degrees from France. He is a top expert in Arabic literature and has authored a few dozen books and more than 200 articles in the field of Arabic literature.
Among his books are: ‘A Guide to the Influence of Persian Language on the Arabic Language’, ‘A History of Arabic Language and Culture’ and ‘A Contemporary Dictionary of Arabic to Persian’.

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