San Diego Prof. To Lecture At Iranian Scholar’s Honoring Ceremony

The honoring ceremony for Iranian history scholar Mansoureh Ettehadieh at Iran’s Book House Institute (IBHI) where a history professor of San Diego university Ali Gheissari will make a lecture According to correspondent, the 11th program from the series of IBHI’s Book Meetings will honor the eminent historian and publisher Mrs. Ettehadieh (PhD) on Monday, October 23. The event will be attended by CEO of the Book House Institute Majid Gholami Jaliseh and Iranian history experts including history researcher and the executive editor of books on Iranian contemporary history Kaveh Bayat. Ettehadieh received her MA and PhD degrees from the University of Edinburgh respectively in 1956 and 1979. From 1963 until her retirement in 2000, she taught in the History Department at Tehran University and authored several books such as ‘The Lion of Persia: A Political Biography of Prince Farmn-Farm’. In 1983, she founded a publishing Institute titled Nashr-e Tarikh-e Iran, which focuses on the history of the Qajar period. As well as many scholarly works, she has written two novels, ‘One Must Live’ (Zendigi Bayad Kard) and ‘Life Is Not Empty’ (Zindigi Khali Nist). The research work of Gheissari is focused on the intellectual trends in Qajar era and theoretical subjects of history of human thought. He has received his PhD on history from St. Anthony College of Oxford University.

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