Publications can serve as a vehicle par excellence for the sort of exchanges

Dr. Ali Jannati
Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance The contemporary world state is sought to be a stage of convergence and constructive interaction. The goal might be met once humans foster their relationship with one another and expand their cultural exchanges. Communications underpin any human contacts worldwide while closely intertwining with the notion of culture. Some have had a good reason thus to say that communications make the essence of culture and vice versa.
Cultural interaction serves as a platform for the nations to convey messages to one another and build up ties. It goes without saying that publications can serve as a vehicle par excellence for the sort of exchanges. Books have already played an unchallengeable role in enhancing relations among nations by helping them to cherish the scientific, literary, artistic, social and economic gains of one another. International book fairs by the same token have offered a favorable ground for the human drive. Frankfurt International Book Fair as a great cultural event has already delivered an invaluable boost to the cultural drive. The IRI participation in the large cultural event offers a precious opportunity for the participating countries to expand their exchanges with Iran.
It also helps them to know more about Iran first hand. Iran features an abundance of historical, cultural, literary and artistic atractions. The intellectual achievements of Iranians in the course of history have struck a chord with people worldwide. Samples of such achievements went on stands in the book fair over the past few years in such fields as poetry, religion, children literature, philosophy, history and literature of resistance.
They have however portrayed a tiny image of an Iranian Islamic culture and civilization nowadays at place in Iran. Tehran International Book Fair, staged in May on an annual basis, may provide those interested with a better opportunity to know about Iran and its publication industry. Let’s hope for a constructive interaction by which to have Iran’s literary masterpieces translated into foreign and to have major foreign publications rendered into Persian. The drive would help different cultures to exchange with each other and to help human knowledge to expand.


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