Providing more ground for Iranian journalists a serious concern

At the National Journalists Day ceremony, CEO of Iran’s Book House Majid Gholami Jaliseh said that providing more ground and making better relations with the diligent Iranian journalists is one our serious concerns in this institute.
The National Iranian Journalists Day was held, August 8. The ceremony was held by Iran’s Book House Institute and was attended by Jaliseh, Deputy Culture Minister Seyyed Abbas Salehi and several journalists who represented different Iranian media engaged with book journalism in Tehran Ziba Garden Complex.
As the host of the ceremony Jaliseh congratulated the National Iranian Journalists Day and said: “Journalists are hard-working people who try to cover the events happening in different areas and inform the public.” “We also have a book news agency, IBNA in the Book House Institute, as well as being in contact with other news agencies and media, we are familiar with the problems and hardships of this profession and hope to provide better conditions for all activists in this field and improve their standard of living as well,” he stated. Elsewhere in his remarks, CEO of Iran’s Book House referred to the deputy culture ministry’s stress on having a better interaction with the media: “During the last year, we tried to make it more friendly and efficient relation with different media, as after the journalists day ceremony which was held last year we held a meettng in the house of literaƟ and discussed with journalists about Tehran’s International Book Fair.”


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