Political history of painting from Sohrab Sepehri’s view released

The book ‘The Area of Feeling, Sohrab Sepehri and the Mystic Art in the Contemporary World’ by Mehdi has been published. In an interview, Mehdi Rafi`e said that the main purpose of writing this book was a description and review of aspects of Sohrab’s way of thinking which has been neglected by researchers this far. The author of this book has analyzed the poem ‘The Blue room’ by Sohrab Sepehri and explained this poet’s theory in the field of the history of art of painting. Sohrab’s theory is in fact, a kind of political history of painting.
He added that ‘The Blue Room’ is the most important work of this poet and artist who had been paid little attention to in the past. This book contains Sohrab’s notes on his childhood memories and his philosophical views of those times. In this book, Sepehri has theorized his ideas about art and developed a new approach to the history of painting. About the issues raised in different chapters of the book, Rafi`e said that ‘The Area of Feeling’ is written in five chapters. In the first chapter, thirty years of Sohrab’s active presence in the art of painting is examined and his work is finally classified in this area.

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