POL Translation House & Literary Agency

POL’s Programs Translation of books, journals, articles, proposals, brochures and websites. Preparing and printing brochures and catalogues for introduction of publishers and works of authors. Travel mate interpreter for foreign guests atending international gatherings and for overseas tourists who visit Iran Undertaking cultural, research and study projects in translation and publication fields. Identifying and introducing useful foreign books in translation and publishing in Iran by buying their copyrights. Publicity of Iranian books through the introduction and presentation in major international book fairs to selling their rights. POL Translation House & Literary Agency has commenced its activity in Iran since 2005 to translate and represent Iranian books throughout the world and the books from other countries in Iran.POL takes advantage of the best professional translators and of communication facilities with international literary agencies, translation institutes and publishers. Majid Jafari Aghdam (Iran/1363) www.pol-ir.com info@pol-ir.com Tel: +98 21 66 08 78 95 +98 912 139 00 73 Unit 9 , No. 138, Shadman, Azadi, Tehran -Iran. Director: Majid Jafari Contact Person: Fariba Hashemi DIGITAL INNOVATION POL Translation House & Literary Agency Majid Jafari Aghdam is one the Iranian translator who has enjoyed years of experiences in International publishing field. He has managed different institutes and organizations to promote and represent Iranian books abroad. Taking part in different international book fairs and other cultural events in several countries, Jafari could establish proper relation with great publishers and literary agencies in Iran and various countries. He has translated and writen several books and articles in the field of international publishing and Iran place in this important area. Today Jafari is known in Iran mostly as an expert in international publishing and is the director of POL translation and literary agency and the manager of the Eve agency in Iran.

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