PLANET FOOTBALL FIFA World Cup Lison Front 2014

Football is the most popular sport in the world. From Greenland to the Andes, people just can’t seem to resist kicking a leather ball around or watching others doing the same. The figures are staggering. Approximately 250 million people play the game regularly. If footballers made up a nation, it would be the fourth most populous on earth. You could almost say that football is the universal language. If you found yourself in the middle of a strange country with no knowledge of the local tongue, you would still be able to strike up a conversation by using a few hand gestures accompanied by the names of some prominent players. Football brings people together and gives them a sense of identity. Football Map & Atlas With this brand new, beautifully illustrated wall map, people can explore all the adventures of the football world from their bedrooms. Football map features over 500 irresistible and colorful cartoon icons, cross-referenced with informative text, making it as well as fun.
It covers everything from history and origin of stars, legends, wonders, events and records. Its glossy UV finish makes it extra durable for hours 60 Printed in IRAN Map • Size: 140 cm x 100 cm • Number of illustrations: 450 – 500 • Illustrations: Hand made • Background: Hand made • Language: English • One-side UV coated • One-sided paper wall map Worldwide rights: Available Atlas • Size: 35 cm x 50 cm • Pages: 72 • Number of illustrations: 800 – 900 • Illustrations: Hand made • Background: Hand made • Binding: Hard cover • Language: English Worldwide rights: Available Contents • History of football • Famous players, stars and legends • Famous goalkeepers, coaches and referees • Famous clubs, stadiums, cups and trophies • World cups • Continental competitions • Balls, accessories, medals and cups • Records, events and wonders • … Weare Looking for Cooperators and distributers around the world Contact us: of fun! Football Map will provide all those who feel young at heart with a beautifully designed, funny and playful map. This map is very nice because through concept and illustration some boring facts are presented to people in funnier ways and through illustrations to which they can relate. A lot of work, effort, and knowledge were put into this map. Experts in football, sport, culture and science participated actively in creating a product of the highest possible quality, based on the latest referential literature.
A lot of books were read before this map was finished, and hours and hours were spent searching the Internet and contacting the right experts. The map is drawn by a group of artists with a unique style. All of the illustrations are hand drawn and every illustration on the map is specially made. The creating team has specially discussed each illustration on the map, because they wanted each illustration to tell a different story that would still fully describe the fact presented by the illustration. The background of every map is also hand drawn. 2013

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