Persian Translation Of Book On Peacemaking by Ayatollah Khamenei To Be Republished Soon

The Islamic Revolution Publications plans to republish the Persian translation of “Sulh al-Hasan” (“The Peace Treaty of Imam Hassan”) by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in the near future The first edition of the Persian version of the book written by the Iraqi Shia scholar Sheikh Radi Al-Yasin (1935-1993) was published in 1969.
The book reviews the outstanding works of Imam Hasan (AS), the second Imam of the Shia Muslims, the issues that he faced during his Imamate, and the events and political attitudes that led to peacemaking, as well as the unfair accusations made against him. The new edition of the Persian version will carry new footnotes and additional materials from Ayatollah Khamenei. Photo: A copy of the Persian translation of “Sulh alHasan”

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