Persian Manuscripts Of Bratislava Library Showcased In Tehran

On the occasion of Slovakian cultural week in Tehran, an exhibition featuring Persian manuscripts from Bratislava Library opened in Iran’s Book and Documented Heritage Museum on Sunday According to correspondent quoting from the public relations department of the National Library and Archives of Iran (NLAI), at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Ali Ojabi, director of manuscripts department of this organization said that this program which will continue for five days has a special significance for scholars and manuscript researchers. “The high value of this collection of manuscripts is due to the fact that they belong to the most brilliant era of Iranian culture and civilization,” he stated. Following the ceremony, Director-General of University Library in Bratislava Silvia Stasselova said that the collection dates back to 100 years ago and features10 books donated by the eminent Bosnian writer and manuscript collector Safvet-beg Bašagic (1870–1934) and is a work in Memory of the World Register of UNESCO.
Elsewhere in her remarks, Stasselova spoke about University Library in Bratislava: “As the oldest Slovakian library, it was founded in 1919 in one of the historical sites of Bratislava. Ten years ago, the library was reconstructed and became a modern Institute of information which contains over 3 million sheets of documents.” “The Safvet-beg Bašagic collection originally contains over 600 manuscripts in Persian, Arabic and Turkish. The University Library in Bratislava Digital has provided NLAI with copies of 88 Persian manuscripts.

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