«Persian Gulf» Book to be Translated into 50 Languages

The pictorial book ‹Persian Gulf› already translated into 10 languages will be translated into 40 more languages in the near future, said the author of the precious work‹The book was authored in four years, and has already been translated in 10 languages: Persian, English, Arabic, Urdu, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, German and French,› said Javad Norouzi. Norouzi said that the book has been compiled without using Iranian sources; it has only used foreign researchers and historians› accounts. The book contains 10 letters from the United Nations regarding the environment, soil sciences, sea sciences, and Persian Gulf species.
Saying that 120 maps have been printed in it, he said, ‹The book is to be sent to national libraries of 90 countries and 185 centers in the world.› Norouzi said the book is to be unveiled in special ceremonies in France, Spain, Germany and Russia. The digitalized version of the book will also be made available for researchers and interested people.
April 30 has been designated as ‹The Persian Gulf National Day› in Iran.

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