Pardis Binding Corporation Producing diffrent Types of Leather book Cover

Producing different types of leather book covers is Pardis’s profession. The art of binding has been usual in Iran for many years ago and many artists have helped great calligraphers and scribes to produce precious books such as Quran, Shahnameh of Ferdowsi, Hafiz poetical work, Masnavi-ye Manavi and Sa’di poems. Calligraphers and scribe atempts for producing books and manuscripts were completed with the endeavors of bookbinders. In fact, it was bookbinders’ responsibility to save books from damages and making a cover befiƫng of the content. Covering books with leather was used for individual books since many years ago. Nowadays, hand bookbinding is usual for books in a small number of volumes in spite of developments. This is among handicraft arts. The main material is natural leather, usually the best ones. Then the back cover and the spine are stamped and the title is worked in the middle. We decided to help save the art of bookbinding and participate in the holy mission of protecting the writen culture of the country. Pardis Binding, with an experience older than 25 years, has accompanied big Iranian and foreign publishers and has bound many precious books in order to produce several everlasting masterpieces. The result is a combination of art and creativity. Winning the Gold Prize and Honary Diploma in the Ninth festival of Printing Industry shows Pardis quality. The Pardis Binding Corporation hopes to be the best in this field. Pardis Binding Corporation As a leading manufacturer, Pardis Leather-Binding Group, having a qualified team of professionals in the leatherbinding, operates in Iran and aims to expand its printing and binding plans domestically and beyond its borders worldwide. To this end, we can carry out the process of making leather binding as closely possible to the location where the ordering country lies in order to cut transportation fees. On the other hand, Pardis’s working team can execute the preparation of binding orders in order for the qualified team to, set them up to our standard and deliver them to the country in question. In case the quantities of orders placed by any country but Iran are high, Pardis Group is well prepared to complete the bindings in the ordering country. Also the Group is able to conduct workshops using local staff in the country under contract.

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