Over 20 agreements signed between Italian and Iranian publishers

Italy’s Cultural Attaché to Tehran Carlo Cereti said that in the early days of Tehran International Book Fair, Italian publishers signed over 20 agreements with their Iranian counterparts for translation into Persian and Italian Professor Carlo Cereti said: “I believe the fair this year is just as good and productive as it was last year, with the difference that Italy is the guest of honor this year, and a team consisting of almost 13 publishers and authors has come from Italy which will hopefully bring good results.” He continued that books and works of various authors are put on the table at Italian stand daily, and different programs have been scheduled for the writers and publishers and their work is presented in different meetings to the audience every day.
On the impact of the presence of Italy in Tehran Book Fair, Cereti said: “Everybody knows that Tehran International Book Fair is the greatest and the most important book event in the Middle East, and it is very important for the Iranian book market. “However, what matters at first glance is the cultural relations between Iran and Italy, and that our publishers realize that both Iranian authors and the Italian writers who have been raised in Iran are important figures with whose assistance we can translate more texts from Italian into Persian. Iranian market is also important for presenting the works of Italian publishers.”
On his role as an Iranologist in improving the Italian participation and related programs at the fair, Cereti said: “Considering my presence in Iran and my knowledge of the Iranian culture, I have made some suggestions about the selection of authors and asked for the attendance of writers and authors in Iran whose works are loved and welcomed by the Iranians while their presence and works is very effective in raising the level of our cultural ties,” the professor added.

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