Over 1,700 Persian words used in the Bosnian language: expert

A Persian language professor from Bosnia said that Persian has been used in Bosnia since the Ottoman rule and is known a s the language of poetry in that country. According to the correspondent, quoting from the public relations office of Sa`di Foundation, a Bosnian professor of Persian language and literature at University of Sarajevo Janita Khavrych (Ph.D.) said: “Over 1,700 Persian words are used in our language which has mostly entered the Bosnian language through Turkish.”
Referring to the founding of Sarajevo University 66 years ago, Khavrych, who is also the Head of East Studies Department in University of Sarajevo said: “The Oriental Department of Sarajevo University began working since the beginning of its establishment in three fields of Persian language and literature, Arabic language and literature, as well as Turkish literature and formally started to accept students.
Currently, courses at undergraduate and graduate levels are available to the students of these majors.” She said that the University of Sarajevo is the only center in Yugoslavia that offers Persian language and literature courses and formally teaches them at the university level. “Interested student from various countries in the region such as Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro come to study Persian language and literature at our university in Sarajevo,” Khavrych stated “In Bosnia, not only the students but the general public are interested in Persian language, as, during the rule of the Ottoman Empire, Persian language was commonly used in our country and was known as the language of poetry, and people gathered in mosques and Sufi circles and read and interpreted Persian works such as Golestan by Sa`di, Baharestan by Jami and even composed and wrote poems in Persian,” the Head of East Studies Department in University of Sarajevo added.

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