Our Books Creates a Sense of Congeniality in Addressees

Seyed Hassan Mirkarimi

The Director of Amir Kabir Publishing Institute

The director of Amir Kabir Publishing Institute believes that fluent and eloquent translations that are close the addressees’ vernaculars is one of the factors for Iranian works to attract foreign readers and to reinforce the senses of congeniality and believability in them.
Seyed Hassan Mirkarimi, by referring to the necessity of Iran’s publishing industry attendance in international arenas for recognizing of foreign addresses’ advantages and disadvantages and assessing their needs said, “We do not know exactly what is going on in the arena of international publishing industry, it will be possible that our presumptions not to be matching with the world realities.
As a result, our presences in international book fairs and having spaces for foreign books in Tehran Book Fair assist gaining such recognition that caused many successes for Iranian publishers. Pioneers in the field of the publishing industry and those interested in attending in foreign publishers’ markets strived continually to produce and to present works in accordance with international standards.”
He added: “About the presence in international publishing markets and negotiations for recognizing and introducing of a goal, it is important for us to interact with active and famous publishers. Even if at the beginning of this process the goal will be to enter into the cycle of the competition and to let ourselves be taken seriously into account. So, it is necessary our publishers take part in Frankfurt International Book Fair to present and introduce their productions and enjoy foreign publishers’ evaluations about their works.”
Mirkarimi said,“Iranian publishers by attending in international arenas try to introduce potentialities of Iran’s publishing industry at global levels. Iran’s publishing industry is being introduced to the publishers of other countries. This industry attempts to present productions in accordance with foreign addresses tastes, especially with qualified translations. Such opportunities in Frankfurt Book Fair are manifested and it gives Iranian publishers this chance to be recognized and re-evaluated.”
He, by hoping the increasing of interactions between Iranian and foreign publishers, said, “ I wish our books in Frankfurt Book Fair according to international standards ,lead to the increase of Iran’s negotiating power and talks in the field of the international publishing industry. In my idea, now, we can’t expect interactions of high figures and great contracts with other publishers. We have to enter competition market of marketing in the form of smaller cooperation.”

Mirkarimi in answer to the question that what Iran’s publishing industry potentialities and facilities could provide to foreign publishers, said: “I think we focus not on pure sciences fields. Books with literary, religious and the Sacred Defense themes could be interesting for foreign publishers and addresses. Many of these

books have the capacity of being present in the bookstore’s shelves throughout the world. The Sacred Defense is a familiar genre for us and if this reaches a level of preparedness for being introduced internationally and if this genre is being translated eloquently and fluently in a natural way in target languages, it will be welcomed by the foreign addressees. Iranian classic books also have advantages for attracting foreign publishers. The head of Amir Kabir Publishing Institute about the important criteria for attending internationally of Iran’s publishing industry pointed out, “Used materials, the quality of illustrating, books colors, designs and patterns and enjoying cultural connotations and particular mission of every cultural production are the most important features that we have taken into account in presenting our works in international arenas.”

By stating that Iran’s publishing industry has got satisfaction potentialities to be presented in internal fields, he stated: “Iran’s publishing Industry has many potentialities to be presented in international fields. We have remarkable works to be presented. Translation is the most important aspect for international fields that if it could be fluent for foreign addressee and they feel congeniality with them, it can grantee the successes of works in international markets to a large limit.”

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