Once Upon A Time In English

The children book, ‘Once upon a Time’ by the Iranian writer Susan Taghdis has been translated into English by the Center for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults and published According to IBNA correspondent quoting from the public relations department of Iran’s Center for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults(ICIDCYA), ‘Once upon a Time’ has been translated by Siamak Mazloumi and illustrated by Neda Azimi. The book is among the other books which have been translated and release the in recent years by(ICIDCYA) such as ‘The Little Key’ by Ebrahim Ghadrdan, ‘Zal and Phoenix’, ‘A New Friend’, ‘Redfish Golden Fish’ and ‘Silverfish’ as well as‘Sponge Baby Goats’ by Afsane Shabannejad translated by Mitra Khatoun-Abadi which was first unveiled at 2018 Bologna Book Fair. The Persian edition of ‘Once upon a Time’ was first released in 2008. The book is centered on little black ants whom are frightened by the sounds caused by different animals surrounding them. They are particularly afraid of red evil ants thinking that they will be attacked by them. They continuously ask themselves whether there is anybody to hear them or not. The English version of ‘Once upon a Time’ has been published in 28 pages.

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