Now, We and Shari’ati

On the occasion of the 40th demise anniversary of the Iranian sociology scholar Ali Shari’ati (Ph.D.), a meeting titled “Now, We and Shari’ati” will be held today.According to the correspondent, the event is scheduled to be held at Ibn Khaldun Hall of the Faculty of Social Sciences in Tehran at 5 to 7 p.m. T he meeting will be aƩended by the Iranian experts Yusef Abazari, Hashem Aqhjari and Ehsan Shari’ati who will express their views and ideas about the late Ali Shari’ati. A prominent Islamic sociologist who is dubbed “The Teacher of Iranian Islamic Revolution”, Ali Shari’ati (1933-1977) was one of the most influential and outstanding Iranian intellectuals of the 20th century. A Sorbonne graduate, he carried out in-depth studies on the sociology of religion. Shari’ati has been regarded as the ideologue of the Islamic Revolution staged in 1978 in Iran.

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