Nothing takes the place of reading books

Dr. Ali Jannati
The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Nothing takes the place of reading books When you read your favorite book, you get to know the depth of its concepts and let them become a part of your memory. We are witnessing amazing changes in the virtual world. A vast world is opened before our eyes which has paved the way for our ac-quisition of knowledge. However, what matters most is making the best of this great opportunity. There was a time when we could only gain access to our required books through the librar- ies around us, but today we can have access to the greatest li- braries of the world in the virtual space. However, the key is how to use it, and this task is the duty of teachers and instructors to train the students to make the most of this opportunity.Pen Day rooted in Iran’s ancient history This day does not belong to the authors of books only, as thinking and then writing is the foundation of all arts. One might expect that only writers, translators and journalists belong to the literary circle, but it is quite clear that a good screenplay or play is also the outcome of pure thinking and capable writing of the one who writes it, and from this perspective, the Day of the Pen belongs to all those involved in culture, art, and media. Pen is mentioned in the first revelation of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) with the theme of existence. From the Quranic view- point, pen is the symbol of man’s thinking and awareness and God’s swear in the name of the pen is the greatest witness to its dignity and sanctity.

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