NOOR Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences

Pioneer in Islamic Data Processing Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences (CRCIS) was established under the auspices of the sagacious leader of Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei in 1989 with the aim of disseminating the rich Islamic culture by taking advantage of IT and ICT technologies.
This Center is governed under supervision of the Board of Trustees – who are in charge of formulating the general policies and supervising all plans and projects to be carried out by the Center- as well as its President and with the cooperation of Research, Technical and Cultural Services, and Administrative Financial Departments. Harmonious with the advancement of technology and emergence of modem needs the centers of computerized Islamic research have taken steps on this rough road and thanks to continuous atempts of their researchers and experts have tried to pave the way appropriately to carry out modern researches in the field of religion by developing CD’s our of old texts with various options for retrieving the data. Objectives and policy The aims of this center include: dissemination of the rich Islamic culture, facilitating access to the genuine religious texts and sources, accelerating the search and research in the field of the Islamic sciences by taking advantage of information technology and utilizing computer capabilities to present the true doctrines of the Prophets Household (Ahl al-Bayt) to the world in a new form The main fields of the Center’s activities according to its constitution are the following: A. Developing word indexes, subject indexes, rijal indexes out of the Islamic texts and sources B. Doing scientific studies using the sources prepared as mentioned in the above article C. Offering the researches undertaken in the forms of book, journal, pamphlet, software program as well as establishing data banks and exhibiting in both local and international exhibitions D. Providing software services in the field of the Islamic sciences E. Offering computer literacy courses to those researching in the field of the Islamic sciences F. Offering hardware services to those researching in the field of the Islamic sciences Activities and services 1. Software Design and Development CRCIS enjoying a team of experienced professionals in designing and developing software programs, consisting of a number of erudite and outstanding seminary students and also some computer engineers, exemplifies the unity of seminary and university.
Taking advantage of programming, techniques and capabilities in the highest international standards, applying compacting methods and intelligent searching, and making use of multimedia capabilities in developing Islamic software programs are considered as technical characteristics of CRCIS. Technical Department of this center consists of the two sections of Software and Data-entry: · Software Section · Data Entry Section 2. Research in the Islamic Sciences · The Holy Quran · Hadith Section · Rijal Section · Section of History of Islam · Intellectual Sciences Section · Section of Jurisprudence & its principles (fiqh & usoul) 3. IT Department · Exhibiting Actively in both Domestic and

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