National Library of China’s Director visits Malek Museum

Director of the National Library of China Han Yongjin visited the first endowed private museum of Iran and one of the six great libraries of the country in the field of manuscripts. Han Yong Jin, the Head of the National Library of China together with Jang Shio Medi, Director General of the International department of the Library, Lu Hai Yan, legislative Reference Service Department Director and Li Xiaoming, Microfilm Department Director of the National Library of China, visited Iran. In this visit, Han Yong Jin said: “Nice hand writing is important in China like in Iran. There is a famous saying in China which goes ‘Fine handwriting shows the calm inside’. After visiting Iranian Islamic art in calligraphy, he said: “Now, I know that people here are outstanding in the art of calligraphy.” He explained that there are numerous similarities in the fields of painting, calligraphy and music between Iranians and the Chinese and said that he found this out after watching the historical works in the museum. He also continued that improvised paintings without a predetermined design similar to those of the Qajar period in Malek National Library and Museum also exist in China.

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