Nashr-e-Shahr Improving Urban Culture Institution

Nashr-e-Shahr Institution, affiliated to cultural and artistic organization of Tehran Municipality, was established in 2004. Although the institution is affiliated to a government agency, it is autonomous and financially independent. Its task is educating the citizens with urban knowledge and improving this culture in Tehran metropolis. The most significant activities of Nashr-eShahr Institution involve:
– Production and dissemination of proper books in educating urban culture and citizens’ rights for audiences of all ages, supplying required books for libraries and cultural sites of Tehran in Iran
– Setting up various exhibitions for supplying books as well as reading-encouraging programs such as Friday Book Markets and writen ads involving billboards.
– Supplying cultural items to schools and cultural sites in Tehran involving books, teaching aids as well as sports.
– Distributing books and cultural products within the institution’s stores system and Sharvand Chain Stores.
– Setting up book institutions in public sites in Tehran’s neighborhoods such as culture houses, cultural complexes and parks.
Regarding Nashr-e-Shar Institution in setting up book exhibitions and serve audiences, one can confess that the institution between 2003 and 2012 to date has put up ten “Yad-e Yar-e Mahraban” exhibitions in Tehran and about 12 in provincial capitals.
In these events educational products, teaching aids as well as sports were provided to schools with the aim of scientific booming and happiness in schools, validating science and knowledge and finally improving students’ vitality and health. Nashr-e-Shar print office Nashr-e-Shahr is equipped with one of the latest digital and offset printing machines in the world and welcomes custom printing from other centers and institutions. It also provides high quality services at the most appropriate time, because Nashr-e-Shar print office has some unique features.
– Modern equipments for offset and digital printing as well as cooperation with competent executives
– Artistic and technical management and supervision.
– Being equipped with Kreuz Super professional scanner in Iran (this 3-D scanner is able to scan all papers, wood, metals, carpet, fabrics and any object in three dimensions, with high quality and tiniest details.
– Design studio, graphics and photographing using experienced experts (thus producing variety of custom books, journals, catalog, brochure, poster, label and package with best quality and based on standards is our major job.)
– Digital printing (Nashr-e-Shar’s print office using various types of digital printing machineries, provides consumers most diverse services with high quality and in favorable circulations (even a copy) along with removing time-consuming stages before and after printing).

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