My Works Inspired By Khayyam’s Poetry

According to correspondent, the 74 years old artist was honored at the unveiling ceremony of ‘Rubaiyat’ by the legendary Iranian poet Omar Khayyam on Friday for several of activities in the field of Iranian painting and literature. The ceremony was attended by the Hungarian ambassador to Iran Janos Kovacs; Iranian celebrated filmmaker and the husband of Gizella, Khosrow Sinai; General Director of Cultural Affairs of Hungarian Foreign Ministry Judith Hammerstein; and Deputy Director of the 31st Tehran International Book Fair Amir Mas’oud Shahram-Nia. This event began by showing a documentary film about the life and works of Gizella Varga, and then Khosrow Sinai said: “I and Gizella first met each other in Vienna, where we were students. Her extensive knowledge of the Iranian literature and myths made us closer as we finally married and returned to Iran.” “During all these years, Gizella has held numerous exhibitions whether individually or with other Iranian artists. The spirit of Iranian life is evident in her work and her illustration of ‘Rubaiyat’ by Omar Khayyam was inspired by the subjective world of Khayyam,” he added. Following the program, Gizella Varga Sinai said: “This is the moment of glory for me, and I am so emotional now.” The artist also added: “My love for Iranian culture blossomed in Hungary because we are a people who love literature.”

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