«My Bird» published In Spanish

Iranian novel ‹My Bird›, written by Fariba Vafi, has been published in Spanish Vafi’s first novel was awarded the Iranian Yalda Literary Prize and the Hooshang Golshiri Literary Award
in 2002. It was published in English by Syracuse University Press in 2009, in Italian by Ponte 33 in 2010, in German in 2012 by Rotbuch Werlag. It was also printed in Kurdish in 2011 and in Turkish in 2016, IBNA reported. Her second novel ‹Tarlan› was published by Nashr-e Markaz in 2004, it was translated into German by Sujet Verlag in 2015 and won LiBeratur prize in 2017. Her novel ‹The Dream of Tibet› was published by Nashr-e Markaz in 2005. This novel received the Hooshang Golshiri Literary Award for ‹Best Novel›. Her novel ‹The Secret in the Alleys› was published in 2008 and was translated into French by Zulma in 2011 and also into Norwegian. ‹My Bird› is a powerful story of life, love, and the demands of marriage and motherhood, in which Vafi gives the readers a portrait of one woman›s struggle to adapt to the complexity of life in modern Iran. The narrator, a housewife and young mother living in a low-income neighborhood in Tehran, dwells upon her husband Amir›s desire to immigrate to Canada. His peripatetic lifestyle underscores her own sense of inertia. When he finally slips away, the young woman is forced to raise the children alone while concurrently caring for her ailing mother. Vafi›s brilliant minimalist style showcases the narrator›s reticence and passivity. Brief chapters and spare prose provide the ideal architecture for the character›s densely packed unexpressed emotions to unfold on the page.

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