Moradi-Kermani’s Books Translated into Arabic

Two books ‘The Tale of That Vat’ and ‘Cucumber End’ by renowned Iranian writer Hooshang Moradi-Kermani, have been translated into Arabic. The books are now available for Arabic readers.
The “Tale of That Vat” was translated by Khairiah Damak Ghasem, director of Persian language and literature department at Iraq’s Baghdad University and Majid Shams of Tehran’s Kharazmi University, ISNA reported. The book is about a drinking water vat in a village. School children drink water from the vat every day until one day they find it broken. The story goes on as they try to find a solution to fix the problem. Ahmed Shaban from Egypt’s Menoufia University translated the other book that has over 30 short stories. The book, as the author says, takes a lighter look at tragic issues such as death, disease, and senility. “I have not targeted a particular audience for the book, but just as a vendor who sells cucumber to anyone around, everyone may enjoy the book,” Moradi-Kermani told Mehr News Agency.

Known for his masterful presentation of social issues, he has written numerous stories some of which are scripted for films. He has received the University of San Francisco’s 2000 Book of the Year award and the 1992 Hans Christian Andersen Certificate of Honor.
Some of his works have been translated into English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, and Armenian. ‘The Tales of Majid’, ‘Mommy’s Guest’ and ‘The Boot’ are among his best-known works.


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