Mitra Yazdanifard

DOB: 21/04/1969
Bachelor of Visual Arts
Masters in illustration

Practicing artist for over 15 years
University lecturer
Published illustration bookyour good translators but during the recent decades your translators have no tendency to translate our literature. Why? The reality is that your countries are known as the democratic countries and they did not become happy of the Revolution in Iran. Why? You did not stand with the Iranian that did not accept the monarchy and desired a republic and you did not called them your friends. Why a revolutionist nation that was against a monarchy suddenly is called by you a terrorist nation and state? Your statesmen look at everything from the view of politics. They did not tolerate the change of governmental system in Iran so started to fight against Iran by supporting Saddam in the War with Iran and different economic and even cultural sanctions. Thus, Iranian culture and works faced with apathy and you became deprived of knowing and recognizing of Iran’s contemporary literature. We think Iran’s contemporary literature due to its rich cultural backgrounds is a good literature. Iranian novels have more to express than other Asian countries.
Our spirit is the spirit of humanity and spirituality. Our literature atempts to depict contemporary human rightly and shows the wandering of the human captured in the hand of mechanism and shows the true spirituality that in the estimate of Iranian writers is the only missing link of today human. Iran’s contemporary literature makes its best to avoid motos and instead of that to educate thinking. We think that the thought richness and suitable literary structures are 2 elements of our contemporary novels and are novels have nothing less than novels of European and American countries. We wish you studied some of our novels. Novels of authors such as Sadegh Hedayat, Mahmood Doulatabadi, Hooshang Golshiri and …. These are authors that you have not heard their names most probably. ||
It seems that above all we need to improve are ties. Iran’s political negotiations with Europe and America can be the beginning of a new cultural exchange that makes your translators to translate Iranian books. The change of your look to us causes your approaches to our literature and culture. We are waiting for good happenings to demolish the walls of distrust and you can become familiar with Iran’s contemporary literature. From the other side, such distrusts resulted that our statesmen have no tendency to make cultural ties with you. I hope new cultural policies in my country facilitate ways leading to more cordiality between our writes and those of the world. We all decide to be each other’s friends. You and we desire a world devoid of violence and literature can be the common language of such cordiality. We keep asking our translators to translate your good works and you will not stop atempting for knowing our contemporary literature. We keep flourishing this belief in us that despite of the language differences, fictions and poems can be the common language and the factor of cordiality between us as we believe that: cordiality is beter than a common language.

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