Mirhadi introduced as Iranian nominee for Astrid Lindgren Award

Research Institute for the History of Children’s Literature in Tehran introduced Touran Mirhadi as the Iranian Nominee for Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, 2017. The Research Institute of Children’s had already named this distinguished professor of children’s literature and the founder of Farhad Experimental School to get this global award. Children’s Book Council, Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, and the Research Institute of Children’s Literature are among the institutions in Iran that are credited for presenting candidates to Astrid Lindgren World Award. Touran Mirhadi is one of the founders of the Children’s Book Council and the veteran professor of Children’s Literature in Iran. Before the Islamic Revolution, she was the headmistress of Farhad Experimental School for 25 years and since the year 1979, she has been supervising the Children and Young Adults Encyclopedia project.
Her activities, over 50 years, has guided the field of Children’s Literature and education in Iran toward growth and innovation.
Formation of many active institutions of children’s literature and education in Iran is possible under the guidance of the actions and training of the Children’s Book Council.
‘Astrid Lindgren’ is one of the most significant awards in the field of children and young adult’s literature. The award is in commemoration of Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren and one of the most renowned and influential writers for children in the world whose work ‘Pippi Long stocking’ has been translated into more than 90 languages and welcomed by children around the world. This award is held annually, attended by over 60 countries in the world, aiming at improving the quality of children’s literature and is in accordance with children’s rights. During this event, a reward is granted to one or more writers, children’s books illustrators, storytellers, promoters and active institutions in the field of children’s literature and promotion of reading.

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