Meeting on “Describing Avicenna’s Ideas”

Society for the National Heritage of Iran will hold a meeting titled “Describing Avicenna’s Ideas” on the occasion of the legendary Iranian polymath’s commemoration day. According to the correspondent, the event is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, August 23 in the Society for the National Heritage of Iran based in Tehran. The meeting will be attended by a number of Iranian experts including Mahdi Mohaghegh, Gholam Reza A’vani and Najaf-Gholi Habibi who will make a speech during the program. The philosophical discipline of Ibn-e Sina (Avicenna) has deeply influenced the later Islamic philosophical thinking and even those of the medieval Europe. He brought new ideas to Peripatetic philosophy and shed light on the ambiguous points of Aristotle’s views.He combined the platonic and Neo-platonic to create a new philosophical system which remained premature due to his early death.


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