Medal of peace awarded to prominent Iranian artists

The award ceremony of Peace Medal was held on the third day of the 5th International Art Festival titled “Art for Peace” attended by several Iranian artists and enthusiasts at the Artists’ Forum in Tehran.
According to correspondent, quoting from the public relations Office of 5th International Art Festival titled “Art for Peace”, the ceremony for awarding the Peace Medal to the artists was held on Saturday, with writers and artists such as Mahmoud Dolatabadi, Morteza Kakhi, Reza Kianian, Mohammad Farnoud, Kamran Adl, Pari Maleki and others. At the beginning of the ceremony, Director of the Iranian Artists’ House, Majid Rajabi Me`mar, came to the stage and stated that there is a natural connection between art and peace. “A young and enthusiastic group has held a festival for several years now that has reached its fifth year. As we all know, the continuation of an event in our country is not an easy task, but this festival has continued and moved forward which is very valuable,” he said.
The event continued with a speech made by Morteza Kakhi, poet, literary scholar, and a former diplomat of the country, who said: “The word “Peace”, which is most frequently heard, is one of the most innocent and strange words that I’ve heard a lot at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to my position as a diplomat, but all the efforts are done to buy weapons only. All those who can play an important role in peace only talk about it and support the war with their actions, instead.”

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