Kia Literary Agency

KIA Literary Agency was founded in 2002 in Tehran with the aim of promoting and supporting fine literary works in all forms through the world. It brings about opportunities for authors, illustrators, publishers, translators and those involved in this field to meet their counterparts. Kia Literary Agency is dedicated to promoting both authors and illustrators of children’s and young adult books. It sells Iranian children’s books of all genres, from concept, novelty , fiction, non-fiction and picture books to young adult literature to publishers abroad. Kia Literary Agency feels a deep passion and dedication towards children’s and young adult books. Kia provides the following services for its clients: · Introduces writers, translators, publishers, literary and art works to the international markets through International exhibitions, Catalogues, Websites, Newsleters, etc. · Literary and artistic consultation · connects authors and artists with editors and publishers · Sets legal international contracts between the artist and those interested to use the work · Organizes Illustration Workshops · Provides high quality translation of literary works for international participation

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