Jean Perrot Night To Be Held In Tehran

A program titled “The Night of Jean Perrot” will be held in Tehran tomorrow to commemorate the eminent French archaeologist who was a researcher of prehistory Iran and the Middle East According to correspondent, in this program the book ‘Darius, the Great King’ by Jean Perrot will be unveiled at the Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia. The event has been organized by Bukhara magazine in collaboration with Farzan Publications and The Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia. It is scheduled for 5 p.m. Perrot researched a number of ancient sites in Iran sites such as Susa and Jafar Abad and took measures to safeguard the vestiges of the Achaemenid period(between the sixth and fourth century BC). His notable discoveries included ancient items such as the headless statue of Darius which is now housed in the National Museum of Iran in Tehran. The commemoration ceremony also features the screening of a documentary film ‘Secret of a Statue’ made by Iranian director Hamid Arjmand. Iranian scholars Jaleh Amouzgar, Dariush Shayegan Kamran Faani, Sayyed Mohammad Beheshti, Touraj Etehadieh and Ali Dehbashi will deliver speech

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