Italian Iranologist Scarcia Honored In Tehran

A meeting in Tehran honored prominent Italian Iranologist and professor of Persian literature at Bologna University Gianroberto Scarcia who passed away in July According to correspondent, the meeting titled “An Evening with Gianroberto Scarcia” was held on Monday, August 20 with a number of Iranian experts in attendance. In this event, Fa’ezeh Mardani, the professorial of Persian literature at the University of Bologna said: “The late professor Gianroberto Scarcia left a great heritage of Iranian studies, Persian literature and culture as well as Islamic studies which could only be achieved by a lover of these fields of study and Iran.”
“During his long term of teaching in the University of Venice, he could train several scholars and establish an Institute for Iranian studies,” she added. Gianroberto Scarcia (1933 – 2018) was also an orientalist, linguist and translator. He is one of the great orientalists of Italy The ontology of Gianroberto Scarcia is broad and eclectic. It includes numerous contributions from Iran, Islam, history of religions, history of art, aesthetics and philosophy. He translated from the main languages of the Muslim world into Italian and received wide recognition, including, in 2000, the National Award for Translation assigned by Italy’s Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities. His scientific investigations are directed in particular to the literature and art of Persia, to Muslim Law and to the historical problems of the Islamization of the Middle East.

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