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Valuable ideas and views of the great scholar, Ayatullah Javadi Amoli have been reinforcing the Islamic Republic of Iran since its revolution, and his strategic and enlightening guidance has been extremely constructive during the past three decades. The Isrā’ International Foundation of Revelatory Sciences has been established under his supervision in view of the depth of the knowledge of this religious authority. He is a well-known and outstanding teacher and thinker in various fields of Islamic sciences and a distinguished figure in exegesis, jurisprudence, philosophy and mysticism. Goals Benefiƫng from the works and exegetical, philosophical, theological and jurisprudential views of Ayatullah Amoli for the purpose of:
1. Spreading and explaining Islamic sciences from his perspective in various fields.
2. Teaching and training competent, creative and innovative researchers, scholars and teachers in the aforementioned fields.
3. Developing and strengthening scientific and research capabilities in the mentioned fields.
4. Strengthening the theoretical foundations and scientific principles of religious beliefs and Islamic government and defending genuine Islamic thought.
5. Meeting the civilization needs of the Islamic world.
6. Increasing scientific cooperation, especially among the elite, in the above-mentioned fields.

Centers and Departments of Isrā’ International Foundation of Revelatory Sciences
1.Ma‘ārij Research Center for Revelatory Sciences Aware of the contemporary needs of society, coupled with the desire to fulfill them, the Ma‘arij Research Center for Revelatory Sciences is dedicated to using the latest technology to promote academic competency. Its research efforts are organized into three research departments: ·  Quran and Ahl-ul Bayt (S) Research Department · Philosophy, mysticism and Islamic Kalam Research Department ·  Jurisprudence and Ethics Research Department
2. Isrā’ Cultural Studies and Research Center The published works of Ayatullah Amoli mostly address a selected intellectual audience. They are, thus, presented at an enriched level and can be used as the reference for and source of a variety of topics to generate knowledge for those who crave it. The Cultural Studies and Research Center of Isrā’ International Foundation of Revelatory Sciences, therefore, considers it its duty to build a bridge between the perceptions of Ayatullah Amoli and those of the society. In addition, it hopes to deliver his teachings to all the monotheists of the world, to reconcile the bewildered human beings of today with their innate godly nature, to free them from the mirage of their self-created ideas and to lead them to eternal peace and prosperity.
3. Isrā’ Translation Center The center has translated many books, speeches, articles, messages and jurisprudential opinions of Ayatullah Amoli into Arabic, English and Urdu languages. Experts in these languages translate, edit and assess these documents.
4. Imam Hasan Askari School and Higher Education Seminary A. Imam Hasan Askari Higher Education Seminary B. Imam Hasan Askari School in Amol city C. Sa‘ādat Seminary in Qom D. Isrā’ Higher Education Seminary E. Imam Hasan Askari School and Higher Education Seminary –Tehran
5. Isrā’ Center for Textbooks This center is responsible for promoting Ayatullah Amoli ideas in various fields of Islamic sciences in the form of textbooks and educational resources suited to different academic levels.
6. Isrā’ Electronic Publishing Center Isrā’ International Foundation for Revelatory Sciences has established an electronic publishing center to provide digital content, software programs, audio and video CDs of Ayatullah Amoli’s speeches, lessons, and works.
7. Isrā’ Media Center The Isra’ Media Center has been established in the main building to cover Ayatullah Amoli and the foundation’s programs and comprises of the general office of media research and production. · General Office of Media Research The general office of research supports media researches conducted by researchers. Ayatullah Amoli’s special atention to the philosophy of art and theoretical art studies offers a new perspective in training senior researchers in the field of religious arts. It may serve a new outlook on the academic groups of the center regarding the development of distribution of Ayatullah Amoli’s views. · General Office of Production The major responsibility of this division is a high quality recording all academic, cultural, political and social activities of Ayatullah Amoli. In this center, all post-production processes are defined additional to all the stages of production, mixing and audio mixing which are all provided in two non-linear mixing boxes.
8. Isrā’ website center The Isrā’ website center provides religious information as per the beliefs of the Ayatullah in cyberspace.
9. Isrā’ Publishing Center The Isrā’ Publishing Center was established in 1993 to publish Ayatullah Amoli’s valuable works in various languages and present them to the seekers of Islamic knowledge.
10. Isrā’ Publication and Printing Organization The modern Isrā’ Printing and Publishing complex are capable of producing books, journals, posters, etc. at the highest level of quality while maintaining desired environmental standards. In 2010, this center received the management standard of ISO 2008: 9001 from TÜV NORD of Germany


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