Iran’s publishing industry could provide proper answers of Islamic scholars to the questions of seekers of them worldwide

Mostafa Amrayi
The Head of the International Center of Asra Publishing
The head of the international center of Asra publishing stated, “Islamic lofty culture has many followers and lovers throughout the world that could not quench their thirst of knowing of pure Shia knowledge corresponding with the infallible Imams. Thus, Iran’s publishing industry can provide appropriate answers to their questions.”Mostafa Amrayi, the head of the international center of Asra publishing by referring to this point that every country’s publishing industry should represent that country’s historical and cultural backgrounds said, “Written works are a symbol of the culture and historical backgrounds of each country. As Iran enjoys a deserved historical place has got many useful and influential works in different fields like art literature, philosophy and religions, as well, its publishing industry should do the best to promote them internationally.” He added “According to the necessities of the time Islamic knowledge ought to available to the people throughout the world. So it is great necessary to study and assess the global addressee’s needs and interests.
For example, appearing of blasphemed movements and newly  formed  religions,  which their followers are increasing in Western countries, unfortunately, due to inappropriate presentation and distortion of Islamic sciences, shows the necessity of familiarizing others to Islamic teachings. However, there is no available answer to this necessity yet and we have to provide foreign addressee with such contents according to their languages, requirements, needs and they believes. Amrayi by stating this point that Asra publishing center will in Frankfurt International Book Fair this year and make two hundred fifty-six books be presented in the Fair, continued, “The best work ofAsra publishing is the book of ‘Mfatih al-Hayat’ (Life’s keys) that presents Islamic-Iranian lifestyle according to the verses and narrations of Quran and Islam. In fact, this book includes principles that many times before their approving in the West approved in Islamic culture and today the advancement of the science makes their necessities apparent gradually.”

About the necessities of increasing the interactions and cooperation between Iran’s publishing industry and foreign publishers, Amrayi explained: “To do so, we should follow standards and laws pertaining to the international publishing industry. The commitment of Iran’s publishing industry union has to be in a form that foreign publisher’ rights as the representative of their countries have been taken into account and this has been proved in practice. Illegal copying should be avoided and common interests of compilers and writers have to be kept secure. These structures and obligations make both parties commitments in the form of unions out of the governmental and state atmosphere in publishing cycle practical.
The head of international center of Asra publishing, by referring to the recent innovation of Iran’s publishing industry in the present International Book Fair of Frankfurt said, “In this fair, Iran presented the electronic book of ‘Iran’ by using virtual space in the form of a software connected with three hundred and sixty web servers to provide this opportunity for other publishers to present their brands in this international virtual space. It seems that such process for marketing in Frankfurt Book fair could grab interactions and cooperation with others since according to the dimensions of Iran’s publishing industry that consists of more than four hundred thousand books, this opportunity could be suitable for publishers without any charges while their brands are kept.”

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