Iranian director to stage “The Conference of the Birds” in Texas


A cast of young trainee actors led by Iranian director Mohammad Aqebati will perform “The Conference of the Birds” at the Eisemann Center for Performing Arts in Richardson, Texas on August 19. The play is based on Persian poet Farid ad-Din Attar’s allegorical masterpiece of the same name that he composed during the twelfth century. “The Conference of the Birds” describes the quest of the birds, which symbolically represent Sufis, for a mystical bird in Iranian mythology called Simorgh (phoenix).
In conclusion, thirty birds that have eventually survived their journey realize they can integrate to form a Simorgh, a clever play on the words Simorgh and “Simorgh” meaning “thirty birds” in Persian. The performance is arranged to mark the 1st anniversary of the Aram Art World Music and Art Institute in Plano that promotes Iranian art and culture in the international community.

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