Iranian Books Being Sold On Amazon

A cultural institute in Iran is selling 28 books written by Iranian authors through Amazon, the head of the institute said Majid Jafari-Aqdam said that the Pol Literary and Translation Agency in cooperation with the American publisher Supreme Century is selling the literary works of Iranian writers in various languages through Amazon and other online shops. Mahdaviyat, Ashoura, and an elaboration on Masnavi are among the books that are being sold through Amazon. He, who was speaking on the sidelines of the 31st Tehran International Book Fair said the books have been introduced on Amazon since 2020. It is expected that the number of Iranian publishers cooperating with Pol institute will increase to 100 from 47, and the works of Iranian authors will be presented in 10 international book fairs this year, including those of Frankfurt, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, China, India and Istanbul. Tehran International Book Fair, spanning an area of 130,000 square meters, was opened to public on May 2 and will run until May 12. A number of publishers from Germany, China, Italy, Oman, Hungary, Austria, Russia and Iraq are also presenting their books in the fair. Serbia is the guest country and Tunis (the capital city of Tunisia) is the guest city in Tehran International Book Fair

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