Iran to Participate at International Cultural Events More Efficiently

Deputy Culture Minister Mohsen Javadi said that Iran will still participate in international cultural events particularly book fairs, with more efficiency and providence Javadi explained the reduction of budget for foreign visits and taking part at international book fairs: “To halt participation at important cultural events may create this suspicion that the Islamic Republic of Iran is no longer able to accomplish such tasks which will consequently present a negative image of our country.” “We should yet partake in these events, but with more foresight and economic approach based on our plans. We will reduce the expenses in order to avoid putting a heavy burden on the shoulders of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance,” he said. “However, we try to not only keep going to international events but have a more active presence in them,” the Deputy Culture Minister stated. Javadi referred to the support of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance given to private publishers, such as providing visas and stands at international book fairs. “Strengthening communication, cultural exchange, and implementing programs such as exchanging copyrights and the «Grant Plan» are very important. So, despite all
problems, we will do our best to play a role on international scenes,” he stressed. Elsewhere in his remarks, Deputy Culture Minister raised the issue of joining the Berne Convention which will boost Iran’s participation in cultural events throughout the world. “The Issue of intellectual property and international copyright has been considered in Culture Ministry and we are compiling the studies to get the final result. Although the ministry is not the decision-maker on this issue, we have taken a scientific look upon that,” he added.

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